DensX (Sediment Density Profiler)

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The DensX is a high accurate in situ mud density measurement system. It measures mud densities between 1.0 T/m³ and 1.5 T/m³ with an accuracy of 0.25 %. The technology is based on X-ray and is a direct measurement method. With a sampling speed of 10 Hz the system supports fast profiling. The X-ray technology does not suffer from strong legislation restrictions like radioactive density measurement systems. The system weighs 70 kg and is able to deeply intrude in soft sediment layers.

Along with the DensX comes a user friendly software that controls a fully automated winch. The software visualizes the density profile, the winch speed, the winch torque and the tilt of the DensX. When several density profiles are taken, the software generates a mud grid and interpolated dredging volume.

Today the DensX is applied in ports and access channels to characterize mud layers, to measure density based nautical bottom criteria and to prepare and evaluate dredging works. The accurate density measurement capability allows to determine precisely the ton dry weight of dredging material.

The DensX completes dotOcean’s product portfolio of underwater sediment characterization profilers and is complementary to rheological instruments as the GraviProbe.


  • X-Ray based, direct measurement system
  • High accuracy (0.25%)
  • Fast sampling (10Hz)
  • Standard ethernet communication
  • Software controlled ethernet winch with variable speeds


  • Fully integrated and automated fast profiling system
  • Interpolated mud grid and dredging volume
  • Live visualisation of density profile, depth, inclination, winch speed and cable tension
  • User friendly software