MINIPOS3 - Ring laser gyro

The Teledyne CDL MiniPOSNAV system combines the MiniPOS2 with Teledyne RDI's DVL technology all in a single housing which ensures ease of calibration and reliable calibration data. The combined pressure housing allows for its small size and weight, making the system easier to integrate into modern ROV spreads.

The systems DVL aided inertial navigation allows for accurate navigation over long distances with no external position input. Teledyne CDL can provide custom computer software which allows this integrated DVL data, to output a high update rate, high accuracy, and smoothed positional information.

MiniPOSNAV uses a high grade RLG which can be aided on the surface by GPS. Two grades of RLG sensor can be fitted to allow medium or high grade positioning accuracy. System outputs include: Heading, Pitch, Roll, Depth, X, Y and Z angular velocities and linear accelerations, Heave, Surge and Sway, and full positional information systems. System options include: connectors mounted on the top or side. Also has the option to include Valeport miniiPS (0.01% scale factor) depth sensor.