MiniPOS2 - Ring laser gyro

ROV and AUV operations are constantly being pushed to perform more sophisticated tasks in deeper water. The MiniPOS2 has the potential to make significant performance improvements in two important areas - firstly it has a sophisticated kalman filter which can take aiding inputs from external sensors to give an accurate

vehicle position in real-world co-ordinates. Secondly, it can form the heart of a closed-loop ROV control system, acting as a valuable pilot aid for such functions as waypoint navigation, docking, and auto-hover.

MiniPOS2 uses the same inertial measurement unit as the MiniRLG2 but it uses the full power of the IMU to give fast and accurate 3D navigation outputs in WGS84 co-ordinates. The performance of MiniPOS2 is fully realised when external sensors are used to aid the inertial position solution. MiniPOS2 can take input from GPS, DVL, and depth sensors. For very high accuracy applications, a higher performance sensor is available as shown in the specifications.

System outputs from the MiniPOS2 include: heading, pitch, roll, depth, X, Y & Z velocities, X, Y & Z accelerations, X, Y & Z angular rates as well as full positional information.