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Offshore cable handling equipment

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Proven technology for safe cable handling 

CEMAC offshore cable handling equipment is intended for pipeline and cable-laying deployment with a view to handling a wide range of flexible pipe products including cables, umbilicals, dynamic risers and hoses.

The CEMAC range incorporates

  • cable carousels
  • offshore track tensioners
  • linear cable engines
  • offshore power quadrants

This product portfolio represents safe offshore cable handling solutions and safe cable handling monitoring, designed to ensure ease of loading and discharge on board cable- and pipe-laying vessels. Featuring durability, high performance, and easy integra-tion, they all come in standard and custom configurations, are easily combined, and fully synchronisable with each other by means of the application of standard software control systems.

CEMAC properties

The CEMAC systems assist in laying the cable from the vessel onto the seabed in a safe and efficient manner using precise tension control driven via an electric or hydraulic power system. They provide cable protection and compliance just as they ensure repair of cables on site, i.e. on deck, thus providing easy access to various sorts of cable repair as well as synchronisation with third-party equipment.

Being sea and road transportable, the designs of the CEMAC appliances represent compact and portable modular systems, which are easily mobilisable and cost-effective in terms of transportation. All main components are standardised, which facilitates adaptation and upgrading to the required performance and capacity.