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TrustLink penetrators
MacArtney designs and manufactures a broad range of standard and custom subsea penetrators rateable for any water depth. TrustLink penetrators are designed to connect systems to underwater infrastructure and offer a viable alternative to connectors by minimising attenuation loss in fibre optic transmissions. TrustLink penetrators are available with internal water block and can be used with several types and combinations of electric and fibre optic cable. The penetrators are available with a range of standard or custom housings and are delivered with 1 metre pigtails and ST connectors as standard.

TrustLink optical extension and take out terminations
TrustLink extension and take out terminations are used when cables have been damaged or if they require extension in order to reach new locations. They are also used in subsea fibre optic and electric, structural monitoring systems where take outs are required in several positions along a main cable. TrustLink optical extension and take out terminations are usually designed to hold the same working load and depth rating as the appurtenant cable and are often designed for a lifespan of 10 to 15 years immersed in seawater.

TrustLink chamber terminations
TrustLink chamber terminations connect a cable to a specially designed connector. The chamber transfers the entire force from the cable to the steel parts of the termination, maintaining the safe working load of the cable throughout the connection. The chambers can be rated and certified for up to 300 bars and the chamber design makes it possible to replace the connector or cable relatively easily re-using the metal termination parts. TrustLink chamber terminations are used for several subsea applications including towed systems, CTD units, cabled sensor platforms and coring systems. 

TrustLink oil compensated terminations 
TrustLink oil compensated termination systems allow fibre optic and electrical connectors to function at very high ocean depth. The chamber is oil filled and compensates for hydrostatic pressure by means of an internal bladder or an external reservoir. TrustLink oil filled terminations can be certified for connectors of up to 4.5 kV to pressures of up to 600 bar. TrustLink oil compensated terminations are widely applied for deep towed vehicles, profiling or fixed instrumentation platforms and subsea installations.

TrustLink bend restrictors and bend stiffeners
TrustLink bend restrictors, limiters and stiffeners are designed to minimise the risk of harmful sharp bends on subsea cables, hereby protecting them from stress inflicted damage and kinks. TrustLink bend restrictors, limiters and stiffeners mechanically confine the angle at which the cable is able to bend and aid to prevent unwanted system tension.