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The LUXUS RGB (Red, Green, Blue) light allows the user to remotely control and specify the colour of light used for supporting underwater cameras.

The LUXUS RGB light provides an effective and user friendly alternative to the use of camera colour filters which often require equipment to be brought to the surface for manual modifiction.

The LUXUS RGB light is designed for use under harsh and turbid conditions in aquatic environments characterised by high levels of algae, stirred up sediment, plankton and particles. Within such environments, the LUXUS RGB light can improve the quality and detail of captured footage by flexibly applying the ideal colour tone of light for the specific conditions.

The LUXUS RGB light is available with different reflectors and can be dimmed with a reference voltage of 0 to 10 VDC. The light comes with SubConn® or alternative customer specified connectors.

The housing is made from sandblasted titanium and has a depth rating of 4,000 metres.

Features and benefits

  • Remote control of colour tone
  • High performance in turbid environments
  • No manual modification needed
  • 4,000 metre depth rating


  • Turbid environment underwater inspection
  • Underwater observatory systems
  • Benthic landers and science platforms
  • Harbour inspection


  • A range of different reflectors
  • Alternative connectors
  • Custom wiring
  • LUXUS universal mounting bracket