LUXUS Dual 360º P/T

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The LUXUS Dual 360º P/T (Pan & Tilt) has been designed to combine operational and service flexibility, excellent performance and ensured reliability. The sturdy design makes LUXUS Dual 360º P/T ideal for heavy-duty operations.

The design is based on a sandblasted titanium housing which permits a working depth of 4,000 metres. The housing is strong, corrosion-resistant and non-oxidising for a long lifespan and minimal servicing.

The unique properties of the LUXUS Dual 360º P/T also feature qualities like a high torque of 50 Nm. Besides, this LUXUS product is featuring unlimited movements of both pan and tilt rotating continuously which is made possible by means of the slip rings mounted. This facilitates operation at all angles and full-scale activation.

Features and benefits

  • Continuous rotation at both axes
  • Air filled
  • 4,000 metre depth rating
  • Titanium housing
  • SubConn® connectors
  • High payload
  • High torque
  • No cable spiders
  • Accurate positioning with feedback function
  • Low power consumption


  • P&T for cameras and lights
  • P&T for sonar equipment
  • P&T for instruments
  • Design engineering jobs
  • Work class ROVs
  • Rock dump ROVs
  • Trenchers and ploughs
  • Surveillance market


  • Custom wiring
  • Custom brackets
  • LUXUS universal mounting bracket
  • Control software
  • Other connectors on request
  • Available with different wire layouts for video, Ethernet, data signals and power
  • Analogue video, Ethernet and other digital media
  • Dedicated LUXUS P&T controller