LUXUS P/T Controller

The LUXUS P/T controller is a state-of-the art controller unit. Being easy to operate it contains a power supply and all necessary functions to make the most of the LUXUS Dual 360º P/T. The controller is equipped with a joystick and keypad specially designed and manufactured to operate the LUXUS P/T controller.

The MacArtney range of LUXUS products covers various items such as underwater cameras, lights, media controllers, dual 360º P/T unit, and the present LUXUS P/T controller.

The LUXUS series serves the purpose of combining operational and service flexibility, excellent performance and reliability in the most severe subsea environments. The sturdy and modern design of the different LUXUS units and their versatile first-rate specifications makes them ideal for a multitude of demanding underwater tasks and uses.

The primary function of the LUXUS P/T controller is to digitally govern the functions of the LUXUS Dual 360º P/T unit. This is a heavy-duty pan-and-tilt product suitable for a wide range of actuation tasks and intended for many applications in subsea tooling.

The controller features a user-friendly screen to display the performance of the P/T and is easy to use on location. The joystick with multiple speeds and the key pad make the operation of the P/T very simple. The LUXUS P/T controller is equipped for voltage inputs of 90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for pan and tilt control
  • Joystick with variable speed control
  • Compact, portable and easy to use
  • Buttons for direction, homing, memory positions, speed
  • Integrated power supply for pan and tilt unit
  • SubConn® connectors, MCBHRA3MSS for power supply, MCBHRA8F SS to control the P/T


  • LUXUS dual 360º P/T


  • Alternative connectors