Oil and Gas

Solutions from seabed to surface

Since our foundation in 1978, the MacArtney Group have been supplying underwater technology solutions to operators and developers within the oil and gas industry.

Decades of experience in providing products and systems for even the toughest marine environments have enabled MacArtney to accumulate considerable knowledge of the conditions and challenges faced offshore. Thus, we are in a position to offer expert advice and dependable solutions to industry leading operators of subsea locations from our operations across the world. Trusted and reliable MacArtney products and systems are widely used at shallow offshore fields and ultra deep waters alike, to facilitate the safe and effective passage of critical oil and gas resources from seabed to surface.


Supplying the entire value chain

MacArtney takes pride in our ability to offer solutions that span the entire oil and gas industry value chain, and our products and systems hold several useful applications within areas like exploration, production and decommissioning.

Several MacArtney standard products and systems make for an ideal solution, when challenging installation and maintenance conditions call for solutions to minimise valuable downtime.

Operating from vessels and topsides, advanced and reliable MacArtney handling systems, including the acclaimed MacArtney active heave compensation winches, are engineered to handle and control subsea equipment. Moreover, MacArtney LARS systems work to provide infrastructure for deep water applications, where oil and gas production is controlled from inaccessible subsea installations on the seabed.


The MacArtney Active Heave Compensation (AHC) electrical winch shown enabling (11s) and disabling (49s)
Active Heave Compensation (AHC) to counter the motion of a ship simulated by the MRU (left).
The winch carries a 10 metric tonne weight.


With an extensive track record as the towed system of choice with pipeline inspection and survey operators, MacArtney FOCUS 2 ROTV systems are second to none for stability, accuracy, resolution and speed.

Subsea, MacArtney SubConn® and OptoLink electrical and fibre optic connectors, penetrators, terminations and cables transmit data over long distances back to the surface. This process is often facilitated by our own ranges of NEXUS and EMO telemetry systems or by large-scale FPSO slip rings delivered and installed by MacArtney. Finally, MacArtney LUXUS cameras and lights provide visibility for ROV operators and divers under harsh maritime conditions.


Unique solutions for unique challenges

Beyond standard products and systems, several of the MacArtney solutions delivered to the oil and gas industry comprise custom designed and engineered systems - tailor made to accommodate advanced customer specifications brought forward by the unique challenges faced offshore.


Critical connectivity for subsea safety systems

Serving as a valuable lesson for the entire industry, the Deepwater Horizon blowout underscored the need for effective and dependable systems to prevent disaster.

MacArtney connectivity solutions serve as an integral part of industry leading subsea safety systems and our fully API compliant and uniquely 3rd party certified range of Mac API connectors and FITA terminations are widely used for interfacing subsea Blow Out Preventer (BOP) systems with acoustic release capabilities. For optimal safety and reliability, Mac API connectivity solutions are also available and applicable for interconnecting subsea production and control units.


MacArtney oil and gas industry supply:

  • LARS and winch systems
  • AHC winches
  • ROV and ROTV systems
  • FPSO slip rings
  • NEXUS multiplexers and telemetry solutions
  • Mac API, API compliant connectors
  • OptoLink connectors and penetrators
  • SubConn® connectors and harnesses
  • Subsea interconnectivity solutions
  • Subsea cables and umbilicals
  • Subsea power and data hubs
  • Special cable terminations and mouldings
  • In-line connectors
  • Bend stiffeners, bend limiters and strain gages
  • Cable protection
  • OptoLink fibre optic connectors
  • Special junction boxes
  • Sensor systems
  • LUXUS cameras, lights and controllers
  • Essential engineering advice and project support
  • Worldwide service and support