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Supporting a boundless industry

The discipline of civil engineering is extremely broad and is characterised by ingenuity, innovation and close to boundless opportunities with regards to the scope of solutions and technologies applied.

Within this diverse industry, MacArtney is dedicated to provide underwater technology products and solutions to a wide range and variety of projects, operators and developers. MacArtney holds good track record of supporting customers to design, build, refit and maintain structures, machines, devices and systems across the world.


Worldwide technical support

At MacArtney, an experienced technical department ensures that projects and solutions match customer expectations - both technically and economically. As an important part of its civil engineering support portfolio, the MacArtney Group has in-house access to capable and fully trained technical support teams. These provide customers with project management and engineering assistance on several disciplines including acoustics, robotics, electronics, hydrodynamics, hydraulics, software, design and mechanics.

A selection of civil engineering markets and related products:


The ingenious SumWing fishing system was designed by HFK Engineering with technical assistance and advice from the engineers at MacArtney. The system eliminates chain dragging on the seabed, protects the seafloor environment and reduces unwanted species catch.


Dredging and shipbuilding:

  • Junction Boxes, cable assemblies, integrated sensors and proximity switches
  • LUXUS camera, light and controller systems
  • NEXUS Multiplexers
  • Metal shell connectors and penetrators
  • Standard and special cables
  • Electrical Fishing equipment and solutions


Offshore oil and gas:

  • Launch and recovery systems
  • ROV's and ROTV's
  • AHC winches
  • FPSO Sliprings
  • API compliant connectors
  • Optolink connectors and penetrators


Pipe laying equipment:

  • TMS systems and rock dump ROV’s
  • Detection systems and cable assemblies
  • Moon pool equipment (positioning and handling system)
  • Trenchers and trenching equipment


Renewable energy:

  • High power wet mate connectors
  • Tidal generator constructions
  • Standard and inline terminations
  • Medium Voltage Hub


Diving, inspection & salvage:

  • LUXUS camera, light and controller systems
  • Recording devices and controllers
  • FRU (fluid rotary union)
  • Equipment for interfacing diver habitats
  • Acoustic equipment
  • Diving umbilicals


Deep sea mining:

  • Trenchers and trenching equipment
  • Special winches and high voltage sliprings
  • Clamping systems



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